H.O.P.E. Awards
Honoring Outstanding Personal Excellence

The Liberty School District Foundation established the H.O.P.E. Awards in 1995, and 2018 will be the 22nd awards ceremony. 

LSDF's goal for the H.O.P.E. Awards is to recognize students who display exceptional attitudes and actions, inspiring others and making their schools and communities better places. Each elementary and secondary school in the LPS family nominates a recipient for the Personal Initiative, Courage and Humanitarian awards, and secondary schools also select recipients for the Integrity and Community Service awards.

The elementary awards will be February 27, and the secondary awards will be March 1 at Heritage Middle School. Both evenings begin at 7 pm. Join us and be inspired by our incredible students!

H.O.P.E. Award Categories


  • Motivated to do personal best at all times
  • Demonstrated perseverance in reaching a goal to improve in a subject area/behavior
  • Displays high level of respect for self and others 



  • Met a significant challenge during the school year
  • Attended school regularly and achieved personal success
  • Maintained a positive attitude during a difficult time



  • Demonstrates compassion, care and kindness to others
  • Sees the needs of others and tries to meet those needs
  • Displays a selfless attitude by putting others before self 



  • Behaves as a positive role model for other students through attitudes and actions
  • Concerned for the success of school groups and events rather than personal recognition
  • Acts honorably and honestly toward fellow students and staff 



  • Devotes time, leadership and commitment to an organization
  • Actively involved in making the world a better place through service
  • Encourages others to participate in community service/charitable organizations